Fatherhood is Leadership

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Leadership begins at home. How our father brought us up at home can influence our own style of leadership.Our first lesson of leadership comes from our own father. But we have to remember that fatherhood is a social construct and not an inborn trait. So any person performing a paternal role is a father. Our first lesson can come from our single parent Mom who also acts a “father” in the absence of a biological dad. Any member of the LGBT can also act as a “father” if s/he adopted a child. Whatever is the gender of our fathers, it is from them we learn how to lead and care for people.


From birth up to adolescence, the father’s influence to their children is crucial as social scientists consider this period as the formative years of the child. Whatever the child learns on the basics of leadership, if there are any, is very significant social learning the child can bring as he or she grows up to adulthood.

What kind of a leader you are now is largely influenced by your parents, especially the father, raised you up on how to deal with people. The peer group too plays a significant influence when the child reaches the adolescent period. This formative period or primary socialization can mold a person’s mind concerning leadership. Of course, the formal education of the person in school is also an important factor to his or her leadership formation.

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In patriarchal society, the role of the father is actually a leadership role. Under this social structure, the father is the head of the household, the breadwinner, and political leader of the family. So becoming a father is actually becoming a leader, albeit only in the limited sphere of the household. But whatever the father does in his own family can also be projected to his employees and subordinates in his business firm, if he performs some managerial roles. So it’s crucial that the father must be a benevolent and effective manager and leader to his own home in order that he can also consciously or unconsciously become the effective and generous manager or CEO of his firm. In other words, he must practice what he preached as a leader, starting with his own home management!


Fatherhood is not an inborn trait. Sociologists believe that fatherhood is a social construct. It can be learned. So the defects of one’s upbringing due to a “bad” father can be remedied through proper education and influence of good people.


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