What conclusion would suit the disrespect of teenagers in our society?*

*This post is based on my answer to Quora.com question: https://www.quora.com/What-conclusion-would-suit-the-disrespect-of-teenagers-in-our-society/answer/Ven-Ballano

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Disrespect of teenagers to elders, parents, and those in authority would depend on the type of culture and society. Not all teenagers are disrespectful to people if the culture values respect, honor, and harmony in society.

I think Japan and most Asian cultures give more premium to the values of honesty, respect of elders, and honor in society.

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In more liberal advanced countries which have strong child-abuse laws, higher incidence of disrespect can probably be found as the parents could no longer impose corporal punishments to discipline their children.

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Moreover, the postmodern environments in advanced Western countries can encourage people to be innovative and to“create their own rules” rather than just obey authorities and existing social norms.

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The Internet and Cyberspace, often used by urban youth, can encourage “absolute” freedom and creativity and contribute to the “free spirit” of teenagers that can be interpreted by older adults as a form of disrespect and resistance to society’s informal and formal norms.

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Teenagers are in a transition stage from childhood to adulthood and thus they generally dislike old rules and tightening their freedom by older adults.

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Finally, “disrespect” is a relative term, one culture may consider an act as disrespectful but not by others. For instance, Americans can normally call their parents by their first names which is culturally acceptable. But for Asians, especially for Filipinos, calling one’s mother or father by their first names is highly disrespectful to parents and thus culturally unacceptable.

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