How to Deal with Love, Romance, and Dating: A Concise Sociological and Practical Guide


HOW TO DEAL WITH LOVE, ROMANCE, COURTSHIP, AND DATING: A Concise Sociological and Practical Guide by [Ballano, Vivencio]

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Book Description:

This book is a concise sociological and practical guide with illustrations on how to deal with love, romance, courtship, and dating. It provides some sociological and empirical insights and practical tips that can help lovers, romantics, and couples in understanding the nature of the complex realities of infatuation, romance, unhealthy relationship, courtship, dating, and true love. It has four parts. The first part explains the dynamics of falling in love, romantic attraction, and compatibility in finding a partner using the social science perspective, particularly that of sociology. It aims to distinguish true love from infatuation. It also explores the physical and cultural factors that make people fall in love. The second part examines the nature of courtship: The role of men and women in courtship, some effective strategies in courtship, and the major factors that determine compatibility in courtship. The third part examines the different forms of “unhealthy” or unconventional love and relationship. It provides some signs and indicators if the relationship is abusive or cooling off. The last part deals with the cultural and social aspect of dating. It explores some do’s and don’t’s in dating: What satisfies or turns off people on a date and how to handle them. It is hoped that through this book, the reader will become more empirical, critical, and realistic in dealing with romantic relationship, courtship, and dating, and thus become more mature individuals in society.

How to Deal with Love, Romance, and Dating