9 Top Signs Your Boyfriend is a Playboy

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1. He is usually a good-looking man.

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Cheers! You’ve got a man that you can be proud of to your friends in terms of looks and sociability! Playboys are usually good-looking and sociable human beings. But they can’t be reliable in terms of fidelity and commitment. If your boyfriend is a playboy and an expert in the game of love, he is not only charming to you but also to others.  He always wants to be on top of his game. That is why he is always conscious about his appearance, physical shape, and demeanor. Since women generally like men who are confident, he is usually slow in movements and actions, always a gentleman to impress you that he is the man you’re looking for! But things are not what they seem! If you’re looking for a man who dates you in the altar, then a playboy is not the Mr. Right for you! Move on and find another man!

2. He’s evasive and mysterious.

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Your relationship with him is not constant or solid. Actually, he is always mysterious about personal things. You would rarely have him tell you about his dreams, aspirations or insecurities. They are just protective about personal data. He wouldn’t want you to use these things against him at some point. Playboys are always hiding something but they tend to master the art of deception. So do a background check of the person you are dating!

3. His words do not match his actions.

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A playboy boyfriend is good at giving promises to his girlfriends. He is eloquent and usually a master of the art of persuasion. He can play with words. He says one thing and does another thing. He makes promises he cannot keep. He is more about calming your feelings for the moment rather than acting to making sure you are secure.

4. He doesn’t make contact when he’s away.

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A playboy usually has other relationships. So he cannot devote his entire attention to one girl or partner.  If he’s out of town for three days or three weeks he would usually avoid contacting you as his girlfriend. As soon as he comes back, though, best believe you’ll be the first person he hits up, saying sorry and coming up with ‘I had network problems’ excuses – or my personal favorite, ‘My battery died’. So, wherever you were, no-one had a phone charger?

5. He will tell you he’s not like others.

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A testimony about one’s self is actually self-serving. Don’t immediately believe him. A playboy boyfriend is usually good at blaming others but not himself. It’s important to him that you believe him when he says he’s not like the others. He will even get ‘hurt’ when you accuse him of being just like everyone else.

6. He has other relationships.

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Boy! Playboys are not satisfied with one girl and one relationship. They are not born to be like this, though. They are probably influenced by their own fathers, relatives, and friends who are womanizers and who do not respect women’s dignity by sticking to one partner. He cannot commit to you as your boyfriend and promise you marriage because his attention is divided with other girls. But take note that playboys are good at hiding his other relationships. He deletes videos and text messaging that can incriminate him!

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7. He often talks about sex in your relationship.

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Since playboys are only after sex, they have no capacity to go beyond the physical and the material. They have no intention of marrying you. Their conversations are usually full of sexual innuendos indicating their state of mind. They can be handsy, touching your body when in public and private places. Run away from him and find a suitable partner!

8. He’s not willing to show you to his friends and family.

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Playboys are not fond of introducing their “collection” of girls to their families, relatives, and friends. If your boyfriend is not introducing you to his family, close relatives, and friends, he is probably a playboy. He is not interested in establishing a long-term commitment with you in marriage. Remember that marriage of two people is also a union of two families and their network of relatives and friends. If he is keeping you away from his family and relatives, he’s probably thinking only of a short-term relationship with you and may only be thinking of having sex with you! He’s in a hurry. If this is the case, start looking for another guy worthy of your love!

9. He’s not clear about the relationship.

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The relationship can be vague and mysterious. Veteran playboys do not want a long-term relationship that can lead to marriage. He only wants a temporary relationship. He never gives you every detail about his whereabouts or what he is up to when he is not with you. He has no clear plans for the future. He just wants an erotic relationship with you. Playboys are certified womanizers. Thus, run away from your playboy-boyfriend and find a more honest and sincere man who wants to marry you in the future.

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