I am fortunate to receive a multidisciplinary formal and informal academic training (Philosophy, Law, Communications Media, Psychology, Languages and Literature, Theology, Religious Education, Music, Art, Sociology-Anthropology) and to possess a varied professional experience. In analyzing and explaining social reality, I usually employ either the prescriptive-normative approach (the world “as it should be”​ based on a given set of standards, e.g. Theological perspective) or the descriptive-empirical approach (the world as “it is,”​ or described by the scientific methods and standards, e.g. Sociological perspective) or both, depending on the social context.

As a Theology and Religious Education Professor, my academic and professional fields of interest include the Sacraments, Catholic Social Teaching, Christian Business Ethics, Ecclesiology and Moral Theology.
As a Sociologist-Professor, Consultant and Researcher, my academic and professional fields of interest include Research Methods and Strategies, Sociology of Technology, Law, Religion, Globalization, Historical Sociology, Disaster and Religion, International Trade, Strategic Global Marketing, Informal Sector, Digital Media Piracy, and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

As a Social Scientist, I believe that we must first understand the empirical reality through scientific research, whether in business or any field, before we make any important individual, group or corporate decision.

As a consultant, I use holistic & sociological approach to understand problems in business management, marketing, law, trade, values education, disaster management and other aspects of social life.

As a Blogger and friend, I want to help people understand the sociological significance of their relationships and social lives and live a happy life! AMDG!